Finimize’s Curation Policy

How do you choose which stories you write about? At Finimize, we aim to fundamentally achieve two things with our daily email: curate the news and explain the news. There is a ton of financial news available. We analyze all the main financial news stories, every day, and choose two, and only two, to explain in our email. We think this is a hugely valuable part of our service. You might be wondering, how do we choose which stories to highlight? Here’s our curation policy: We aim to pick “the two most important global financial news stories.” These tend to be stories that are relevant to global macroeconomics, like stories about economic growth, interest rates, commodities and financial markets. We tend to focus on the largest regions, namely the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. When reporting on specific companies, we aim to focus on large companies and/or large themes. For example, we will cover important news stories that affect Facebook because it’s one of the world’s largest public companies. We also might cover news on a company in a particular sector in order to highlight what’s going on in that sector – especially if we haven’t covered it recently. The aim is that by reading Finimize for three minutes every day, our readers will have an understanding of the most relevant macroeconomic, industry-specific and company-specific news and themes. We try to use the ‘Why should I care?’ section to tie in the day’s news to overarching issues that we feel are relevant to our readers’ lives (and this is done explicitly in our Weekly Review, which is only available to subscribers who sign up at least 5 friends). In our regional editions (European and American) we aim to have at least one story that is directly relevant to the region. One of Finimize’s co-founders, Scott Tindle, is chiefly responsible for the content in the email. He spent seven years at the investment bank Barclays Capital and has his CFA designation. Other writers include media professionals from organizations including Bloomberg, Reuters and Forbes. We encourage any questions or comments regarding our curation policy. Please get in touch via email: Why are there so many American stories in the Global edition? America is the country with the world’s biggest economy and it is, by far, the world’s most valuable stock market: it accounts for about 50% of the world’s “market capitalization” and it’s home to 9 of the world’s 10 most valuable public companies. Furthermore, the largest US companies tend to be highly multinational and, therefore, their news reflects the global economy – not just America’s. So, in order to stay true to our aim of highlighting “the two most important global financial news stories,” we don’t shy away from focusing on what, on the surface, appears to be “US news.” For example, news that affects US interest rates has global ramifications and will, usually, be prioritized over announcements from, for example, the Bank of England.

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