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πŸ™Œ Community The Technical Trader’s Handbook

Join Nicholas Santiago, CEO at to find out how you can use the PPT trading methodology to profit from a volatile market.

πŸ™Œ Community What Makes A Winning Stock?

Join Steve Clapham, former hedge fund manager and founder of Behind the Balance Sheet, to learn how investors can spot bad companies.

πŸ™Œ Community The Race Towards Greener Cars

Join Chris Reed, MD & CEO of Neometals Limited (ASX: NMT, FRA: 9R9), on how to invest in a sustainable transition to an electric future

πŸ’Έ HQ Hidden Opportunities And Emerging Trends

Join Yieldstreet's Director of Product Marketing, Peter Kerr.

πŸ™Œ Community The Huge Potential Of South Korea

Join Paul An, Senior Vice President at Tradition Ltd, to learn how to trade South Korean stocks as a foreign investor.

πŸ™Œ Community The Best Way To Spot A DeFi Winner

Join blockchain solutions expert & WorldRemit's Systems Architect, PaweΕ‚ Pinio, to learn how to assess DeFi projects.

πŸ’Έ HQ Finimize Crypto Summit 2021

Don’t get left behind. Join the world’s biggest summit demystifying investing in Crypto, NFTs & the Metaverse.

Past events

Hear from Dominik Stroukal, Chief Economist at the Czech payment institution, Roger, on the opportunities in alternative investing.

🌎 Global · Oct 18, 2021

Join Tom McPhail, former Head of Retirement and Pension Policy at Hargreaves Lansdown, to find out how to invest for your retirement.

🌎 Global · Oct 13, 2021

Hear from Dominic Wells, CEO & founder of Onfolio, about the benefits of investing in alternative assets like online businesses.

🌎 Global · Oct 12, 2021

Hear from Transformify's CEO, Lilia Stoyanov, on how investors can still cash in on work-from-home trends.

🌎 Global · Oct 7, 2021

Join Goldman Sachs' Global Future Health Care Equity Portfolio Manager, Jenny Chang

🌎 Global · Oct 6, 2021

Hear from Paula T. Webb, investment trader and trading coach, on how the trader mindset can improve your portfolio.

🌎 Global · Oct 5, 2021

Join Louis-Vincent Gave, Founding Partner & CEO of Gavekal to understand how to invest in China wisely.

🌎 Global · Oct 4, 2021

Hear from Thy-Diep ("Yip") Ta on how you can stake your cryptocurrencies in a sustainable and profitable way

🌎 Global · Oct 4, 2021

Hear from Marco Ahr, Investment Advisor and experienced trader, on the best ways to mitigate the risks of inflation on your portfolio

🌎 Global · Oct 1, 2021

Join Hugo Millington-Drake aka 'Mr Trading Robot' as he dives into the opportunities of algorithmic trading

🌎 Global · Sep 29, 2021

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