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🙌 Community Diversifying your investment portfolio in 2021

How can you reduce the volatility of your portfolio? Hear from Mr Dev Dharira, AVP at First Global, Author of Millennial Investor

🙌 Community The Unstoppable Trends Of The 2020s

Hear from Joe Fiorica, Head of Global Equity Strategy at Citi Private Bank on key unstoppable trends long-term investors should care about.

💸 HQ Developing a Framework to Invest in Women

A conversation with Anthemis and Union Square Ventures on the frameworks of investing in diversity.

🙌 Community The Science Of Sustainable Investing

Why should you invest in cleantech and what are the opportunities in emerging markets? Hear from Martin Bart, CEO, ecoligo GmbH

🙌 Community The Science Behind Dollar Cost Averaging

What is Dollar Cost Averaging and is it the best way to invest? Hear from Chuin Ting Weber, CEO & CIO of MoneyOwl.

💸 HQ Live Q&A with CEO & Founder, Max Rofagha

Join us for the monthly Town Hall meeting with our CEO. Be the first to hear about product updates and new content before it's launched

🙌 Community Financial Planning for the LGBTQ Community

How is financial planning different for the LGBTQ community? SME expert David Treece will share what you need to know.

🙌 Community The 2020s: Boom Or Bust?

How should you protect your portfolio? We're asking Jeremy Thomson-Cook, Head of FX Strategy at Equals Money, for his 2020s predictions.

🙌 Community The Power Of Thematic Investing

Is thematic investing right for your portfolio? Hear from Will Hershey, CFA , Co-founder and CEO of Roundhill Investments, to learn more.

💸 HQ The Sectors Boosting Biodiversity

Human consumption, eating habits and energy needs, has already altered almost 75% of the Earth’s surface. With forests declining at an alarming rate owing to agricultural expansion and climate change, and almost 1m animal and plant species threatened with extinction, what are the focus areas for investors investing to mitigate and reverse the damage?

🙌 Community Invest Your Money, Save The Planet

Hear from David Hunt, Cleantech thought leader and green entrepreneur about investing in the climate crisis solution.

💸 HQ What’s Next For Tech?

A conversation with Amanda Lyons, Investment Manager, GAM Investments. Big tech and the WFH themes won big in 2020 and look set to endure as lockdowns and restrictions extend. But with growing regulatory risks to the FAANGS – and fears of a bubble – what are the next frontiers for tech disruption?

🙌 Community The Next Decade In Banking

What's going on with the banking sector and is it the right time to invest? Hear from Leonardo Brummas Carvalho,Group Co-CEO at ITI Capital

🙌 Community ESG: The Environmental Perspective

How do you identify key ESG indicators when screening potential investments? We'll hear from Markus Barth, CEO of Anatase

🙌 Community Investing In 5G & Virtual Reality

What can investors gain from 5G's impact on the Virtual Reality industry? Hear from Jan Goetgeluk, Founder and CEO of Virtuix

🙌 Community The Three Most Important Metrics In Investing

Hear from guest speaker Barbara Friedberg, MS, MBA about the top 3 ratios you need to look at before you invest and why.

💸 HQ The Influence of Behavior on Investing

A conversation with Jessica Exton, Behavioral Scientist at ING. Learn about the principals and psychologies around investing in a volatile market, and what actions you can take to overcome your own behavioral investing biases.

Past events

We'll be speaking to Joshua Hasdell from KPMG about how to identify carbon neutral businesses to invest in.

🌍Global · Feb 23, 2021

Hear from John Patrick Lee, Head of product at VanEck who manages the ESPO eSports & Video Gaming ETF which launched in 2018.

🌍Global · Feb 22, 2021

A conversation with Laura Destribats, Co-Portfolio Manager of the GS Global Millennial Equity Portfolio, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

🌍Global · Feb 17, 2021

ESG went mainstream in 2020 so what can we expect from 2021? Who will the biggest winners be? What are the opportunities for retail investors?

🌍Global · Feb 16, 2021

Discover why the digital currency market has grown in the last few years and what are the next opportunities investors should look out for.

🇭🇰Hong Kong · Feb 11, 2021

A conversation with Swetha Ramachandran, Investment Manager at GAM Investments

🌍Global · Feb 10, 2021

Hear from Gregory Van, Founding Partner of Endowus and discover if dimensional Investing is right for your portfolio.

🇸🇬 Singapore · Feb 9, 2021

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest cryptocurrencies. But what's the difference? Hear from Anton Golub, the founder and CEO of Flovtec.

🇫🇷 France · Feb 5, 2021

Opening access to US real estate w/ the CEO of Caliber, Chris Loeffler

🇺🇸 USA · Feb 3, 2021

A conversation with Pierpaolo Barbieri, CEO of Ualá - Latin America's hottest startup backed by Softbank & TenCent.

🇺🇸 USA · Feb 2, 2021

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