Ray Dalio’s Buckling Up For Stocks To Fall Further

9 days ago1:33 min

Ray Dalio’s Buckling Up For Stocks To Fall Further

Legendary hedge fund manager Ray Dalio said stocks are going to keep dropping, with a few key metrics suggesting we’ve not yet hit rock bottom.

What does this mean?

Ray Dalio’s $140-billion hedge fund reckons stocks have further to fall. After all, markets are dropping because seemingly unstoppable inflation is set to collide with an immovable recession. And when that happens, Dalio says a few key boxes need to be ticked before share prices return to an upward trajectory. First of all, the economy needs to be in a clear and steady decline, and that’s not happening just yet, despite the tearful headlines. Second, interest rates need to be falling – that one’s a definite nope. And third, stock returns need to look as tempting as a 2pm nap when the coffee wears off. Those three misses

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