How To Invest When Everything Is Falling

Stéphane Renevier

about 2 months ago4:25 mins

How To Invest When Everything Is Falling

When there’s this much red flashing in the markets, part of you thinks it’s best to stay away at all costs. But the other part has got to be thinking: there are assets here that my future self will thank me for buying today…

Why’s everything selling off?

The markets have been dominated this year by two things: high inflation and the interest rate hikes that central banks are using to combat that inflation. Those two things are the reason why the economy is seeing a downturn, and why investors are selling just about every asset.

And it makes sense: inflation is corrosive for stocks and for bonds. A slowdown in growth is bad for stocks and commodities. And rising interest rates are bad for just about every asset. In this environment, everything falls, except cash.

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