This Could Be A Turning Point For Clean Energy Stocks

Stéphane Renevier

9 months ago4:18 mins

This Could Be A Turning Point For Clean Energy Stocks

The invasion of Ukraine has come as a painful reminder of how much Europe depends on Russia for its energy consumption, and reducing that dependence has just become one of the region’s most pressing objectives. That’s put clean energy – from renewable sources like the wind or the sun – back on investors’ maps. So with the sector’s stocks trading 40% below their previous highs, is now the time to load up on the megatrend?

How did we get here?

Governments and corporations alike have been stepping up their efforts to speed up the transition to clean energy in the past few years. In the US alone, approved government spending on the sector has hit $480 billion, of which $45 billion will be allocated to renewables. China, Europe, and India have passed even more ambitious plans, emerging as t

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