10 Portfolio Must-Haves For The Next 5 Years

Theodora Lee Joseph

4 months ago3:17 mins

10 Portfolio Must-Haves For The Next 5 Years

You’re in for a challenging few years: the market is in the throes of peak growth, rising interest rates, high inflation, and low market returns. And while no one’s entirely sure how long this environment might last, now seems as good a time as any to prep your portfolio as if it’s here for the long haul.

Stocks: Low beta stocks

Tech companies might not be the hero they’ve been in the past, but one group of stocks could still save the day: those with a low “beta”.

A stock with a beta lower than one indicates that it’s less volatile, meaning it’s less likely to drop in price when the wider market goes down. Low beta stocks work best when you’re not sure how long and damaging a potential economic recession will be – exactly the sort of backdrop you can expect over the next five years.

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