Should You Cash In On Coinbase?

Jonathan Hobbs

7 months ago4:17 mins

Should You Cash In On Coinbase?

Coinbase (COIN) made its Nasdaq debut during the euphoria of a crypto bull market. But little more than a year later, this pioneering crypto exchange found itself dragged all the way down as digital asset prices headed lower. With Coinbase’s stock now 85% cheaper than when it listed, I’ve looked into whether it’s a bargain at these prices – or if it’s cheap for a reason.

Is Coinbase bringing enough money through the door?

Coinbase’s latest quarterly report came out this month. And at first glance, the results weren’t great. Last quarter, the exchange generated a net revenue (sales less direct expenses related to them) of $1.16 billion. That’s less than half what it raked in the quarter before ($2.49 billion), and worse than any other quarter before that.

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