#FIRE🔥: Financial Independence, Retire Early – How To Do It

about 3 years ago9:11 mins

Financial Independence, Retire Early. Sounds like the dream, right? This Pack will teach you how to do it.

#FIRE Basics

#FIRE Basics

Why #FIRE has so many devotees

1:15 min

On Reddit, half a million people are obsessed with FIRE. But don’t worry, they’re not a bunch of oversharing arsonists. These people are part of a community who want “financial independence, retire early”: the freedom to stop working forever.

That’s a thing you can do?! With really careful management and a bit of luck, it might be. The financial independence movement is basically about saving enough money during your working years to have a big enough pot to see you through the rest of your life. There are people in this movement who’ve managed to retire in their 30s as a result – a pretty exciting prospect.

Why do people do this? Some want to retire because they hate their jobs. But others just want the freedom that comes with having a big enough savings pot. They might not

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