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Gotta say @Finimize is my favourite daily newsletter. Interesting stories and exactly what you need to know and no more.

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Investing basics guide
Investing basics

5 sessions

Investing in weed stocks guide
Invest in weed stocks

5 sessions

Crypto bootcamp
Portfolio construction

5 sessions

Crypto bootcamp
ETFs and smart beta

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Understand anything from what an ETF is to what different investing strategies you could deploy. Practical, quick and easy to understand.

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Whether you’re new to the finance field or just want to learn more. @Finimize is a great go to.

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Compare and review investment providers

Unbiased reviews from real people – ranging from automated investment providers to crypto exchanges. Powered by the Finimize Community.

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Some absolute gems of information on the @Finimize providers page. Finally all reviews in one place.



“Since I don't live in the USA or Europe, most of the exchanges would reject me as a user. It's basically one of the only exchanges that would accept me as a user and charge low fees for transactions.”

“Betterment's user inteface makes it kind of fun to set investment goals and track progress over time. Since I started using Betterment they've continued to add features and make improvements, which gives me confidence in the platform.”

“Transferring money is a pain, I'd like to be able to pay by card rather than (wire) transfer.”

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We live in an age where we can get all the information we want within a tap. Yet, when it comes to our finances, we remain stuck in an opaque world that few really understand. Finimize is a new beginning. We are building a suite of products that sets information free and puts valuable tools in the hands of the people. In a language we all understand.

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Making financial decisions wasn’t meant to be hard. But whenever we try to find the information we need, we have to dive in to the internet.

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