Join us in designing the financial experience for our generation.

Our Mission

We’re designing the financial experience for our generation.

Finimize is financial news for everyday people. We strive to demystify finance by making financial news easy to understand, succinct and relevant to our readers. By enhancing financial literacy, we're helping our generation make more informed decisions when it comes to their own money.

The content on Finimize is produced by industry experts who previously worked at Barclays, Bloomberg and Forbes. We want our users to take control of their money to suit themselves, not the suits.

Our Values


Our Team

Max Rofagha

Co-Founder + CEO
Before Finimize, Max co-founded an ecommerce startup with 200 employees and sold it in 2015. Now he spends his days leading our strategy and basically doing every job you can think of. He also mentors at Techstars and Startup Bootcamp and was named one of Forbes "30 under 30" for 2016.

Scott Tindle

Co-Founder + Head of Content
Originally a university friend of Max, Scott is a CFA with 7 years of experience at Barclays Capital under his belt. He's in charge of pretty much everything finance / content related as well as business development.

Anders Kravis

Head of Product
Originally a Finimize user, Anders oversees our products and can now be found jumping between Sketch, code, and the mug of coffee on his desk. He's a fan of country music, to everyone's dismay.

Matt Dalton

Tech Lead
Matt previously worked at IBM iX before joining Finimize. He's in charge of pushing code and oversees all our tech. He's also the only one of us in London with an actual British accent.

Our Investors

Passion Capital

Jason Butler

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